Different types of jobs for good managers

Are you a manager?  Can you handle people, stressful situations and love solving problems?  If this sounds like you, then consider getting a management position that will allow you to thrive.

golf course management

Golf Courses
Golf courses are a great place to work if you like dealing with people on a more professional level.  If you are into golf or like to create a fun and enjoyable environment, then golf course management might be one option to consider.  When you manage a golf course you are not just giving balls and clubs to players.  You ware working on creating a fun family friendly environment, dealing with restaurants and special events and so much more.  Golf courses have changed a lot over the years and they will require a strong manager to make everything run smoothly.

Apartment Managers
Apartments need managers as well.  When running an apartment, you need to deal with a wide range of people.  Depending on the price of the apartments you may also have to deal with a higher or lower class of people as well. 

When it comes to managing an apartment, you need to be able to read people.  You need to be able to see if they are a good risk or if they are just people out to cause problems.  You need to do good background checks not only to see if they will pay their bills, but to see if they could be a possible danger to others in the complex. 

When managing apartments or golf courses you have to be good with money as well.  When people pay a fee or a due they want to have a receipt.  The money collected needs to be accounted for and if something is not right, it needs to be handled professionally.