Content Marketing Conceptualizations

This is how the world makes its money. Or at least, this is how a majority of productive and hardworking men and women strive to earn their keep as honestly and diligently as possible. With a little help from their friends, of course. One famous futurologist who even had a going contract with a former US president had this to say about jobs for the future. This in an era where new paradigms such as the internet of things and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are gripping the minds of the boardrooms, the corridors of power and the people that matter.

content marketing

One of the jobs listed for the future would be that of the content marketing scribe. Or as he put it at the time; the poet. You would have to be good with words, a poet of sorts, to be able to grasp people’s attention, to capture their imagination, in order to persuade them towards your way of thinking. Or to put it more bluntly; to buy your product. The skills of the content market cannot ever be underestimated.

Every four or two years when election season arrives it is boom times for the content marketer. How many politicians, from the ward counselor to the chairman of the board, requires his services. The content marketing expert does not only have a way with words. He understands how the web works. He knows how to mine the World Wide Web and get people onto his clients’ pages. Or is it the other way round.

Get his clients to invade the lives of others, literally come right into their living rooms. And so it is being done. All in keeping with trying to make a decent living, something surely which every productive and hardworking man or woman deserves.