Tips on How to Take Care of Your Dentures

Dentures last an average of 5 – 8 years, however, you must take care of them during this time. You can only expect to visit the dentist for a denture reline or even a denture repair stockbridge over the course of ownership. However, following the care tips below can reduce worry and risks and ensure maximum lifetime with your dentures.

·    Rinse dentures after eating. Simply remove the dentures and run them under cold water to remove food particles that can get stuck on the denture. Be careful as you clean them. You certainly don’t want to drop your dentures.

·    While the dentures are out of your mouth, clean your mouth using a soft-bristled toothbrush. A soft gauze also works.

·    Handle the ventures with care. Not only does careful handling reduce the risk of dropping the dentures, but also reduces the risks that you’ll damage the dentures in other ways as well.

·    Brush your dentures at least once per day, but preferably two times per day. Soak the dentures and use a toothbrush with a nonabrasive cleanser to keep plaque, food, and deposits off dentures.

·    Always soak the dentures overnight. You don’t want to wear them overnight and they need the moisture to hold their shape. You can place them in water or in a denture-soaking solution if you prefer.

·    Rinse dentures before returning them to your mouth.

·    Never boil your dentures or place them under extremely hot water. This can cause shape defects and other problems with the denture that may cost a ton of money to repair or to replace.

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Dentures make it easy to smile after tooth loss. Whether you wear partial dentures or full dentures, the above tips ensure you enjoy maximum benefit and lifetime from your dental appliance.